A NEW family-run business which has been set up in Cleator Moor aims to proivde the local area with fresh whole pasteurised milk and fun milkshakes.

Moos on the Moor has been created by Amanda Sibbald who is 32 and her mother, Pauline Donaldson, who is 56.

They own a local dairy farm and have decided to sell their produce to the local area.

This started as they begun pasteurising the fresh milk and selling in a vending machine.

They also have created six different milkshake flavours to sell alongside their milk.

The business only opened around two weeks ago and has proved to be a great new asset to the area.

News and Star: The vending machine at Moos on the Moor where you can get your milk fixThe vending machine at Moos on the Moor where you can get your milk fix

Amanda spoke about the success of the new business saying: "It has been a lot more successful than we thought it would be.

"People have been coming in and it has been non-stop business."

As the business is still very new, both Amanda and Pauline hope that business will continue to be as successful as it started. The pair's main priority is to continue to provide everyone with local fresh milk.

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Amanda went on to speak about the best part of owning the business. She said: "The best part of owning the business is being able to provide everyone with fresh milk that comes from the cow the same day.

"It has not been treated with chemicals and is all fresh."

Amanda and Pauline have worked together as business partners before in a seperate venture but Amanda enjoys working within her family as it allows the farm business to grow, whilst being able to get involved herself and continue to work alongside her family.

News and Star: Some of the machinery at the farm after the first cut silageSome of the machinery at the farm after the first cut silage

The business has been getting local residents involved on their social media account by running polls to pick the special flavour each week. This week's specials as voted by Facebook users are white chocolate and candyfloss.

Other flavours include classics like strawberry, banana, chocolate and vanilla.

All the milk will be in glass bottles, they are sustainable and reusable. The business ensure that the cows are 'at the heart of their business and family' and they said they pride themselves on their welfare standards.

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