THIS weeks nostalgia goes back in time to the years from 1980 to 1989. We looked back through our archives and discovered pictures from throughout the decade in Cumbria.

The 70s was the decade of British Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher, yuppies, chunky mobile phones and BMX bikes.

Big events from the 1980s when Argentina invaded the Falklands Islands and Britain went to war in 1982. In 1981, Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer.

During the 1980s, popular household appliances included the fan heater, kettle, hair dryer, toaster, microwave and phone. Other popular household goods which were being seen more frequently in this decade include the ball point pen, kitchen roll, aluminium roll, washing up liquid, household cleaner, electric plug, light bulb and disposable nappies.

In 1983, front seat belts made compulsory. Home computers such as Amstrad and Commodore were tested and among the best buys of 1981 was the ZX81 and Windows was invented by Microsoft. The World Wide Web was first proposed by Tim Berners-lee in 1989.

The 1980s saw the rise of hip hop and rap music, with American influences in groups like Run DMC and Grandmaster Flash.. It also saw the rise and fall of the 'New Romantics' by groups like Adam and the Ants.

Popular toys in this decade include the Rubix Cube, My Little Pony and BMX bikes.

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