A FESTIVAL which specialises in bringing top tribute acts is set to make its return to Carlisle on August 13.

Fake Festival, which returns for another year, will have Carlisle rocking to massive anthems from six pro-level 'Fake Bands' all from inside a giant marquee in Bitts Park.

The professional performances will see the 'fake' artists hit out with numbers from Queen (Flash), The Killers (The Fillers), The Rolling Stones (The Stones), Duran Duran (Duran), Bowie (Aladdinsane) and Green Day (Green Date) - creating an opportune moment to catch as close to the real thing from worldwide artists and some that are no longer with us.

A spokesperson from the organisation hosting the tour said: "We work hard to ensure our festivals are safe, secure, accessible and friendly - with an environment that caters for all ages.

"Our giant marquee ensures a warm, lively, inside atmosphere, so you can really enjoy the music.

"So round up your group or family members and make it a fun packed music day out - come and support live music and party with us late into the evening," they said. 

The event will also bring with it an array of food traders. 

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