WITH all the shouting going on in Westminster about who did or said what, the time is now right to change.

Out of the main parties in Westminster the Tories can’t agree with themselves.

Labour have the weakest leader in years and are only interested in partygate.

The Scottish Nationalists are only interested in independence.

If you look at the other parties they couldn’t organise an argument, never mind run the country - although when the Lib Dems win a by-election, from the way they carry on I keep expecting Sir Ed Davey to be announced as PM (only another 250 or so by-elections to win Ed).

The time is now right for Boris to call a general election - with one condition attached.

Every current sitting MP should be banned from seeking re-election on the grounds of incompetence over the past few years.

The UK is in a mess and so is the world. So let’s at least do something and get rid of all these incompetents before its too late.

Mel Burley
By email