BRITAIN used to be one of the safest countries to live in but not any more; you only have to read day in and day out to see all the crime that is being committed, then there are the crimes we hear about on TV.

It is quite obvious in my view that our justice system is not fit for purpose.

There should be no suspended sentences - you do the crime, you serve the time and life should mean life.

The criminal fraternity are just laughing at us. Don’t worry we will only get a slap on the wrist and if we get fined then the benefits we are on (paid by you and me) will sort it out.

If we get sent to prison then we will get three meals a day; no need to shop for it or cook. Clothes and bedding washed, plenty of activities to do and now I believe some cells are going en-suite!

Also there are no gas or electric bills to worry about. So let’s go on holiday at her Majesty’s Pleasure.

We really have to get tough on crime and with the state of the economy in this country, crime is only going to get worse.

Punishments for crimes should be so severe that criminals will think twice and prisons are places you would not want to go back too. Word would soon get round.

We also need to build more prisons and also stop listening to the ‘do-good brigade’.

What about the victims of crime? Some are scarred for life or worse. So off with the kid gloves and let’s get this problem sorted then perhaps we can all sleep safely in our beds.

J. Smith
by email