LEADING councillors are pleased with the performance of council services this financial year.

Allerdale Council’s executive met in Workington this week, receiving the authority’s latest performance report.

Councils receive regular updates on the performance of services such as waste collections and key projects like the regeneration of the borough’s towns.

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Councillor Marion Fitzgerald, the deputy leader, presented and explained the report at the meeting on Wednesday, she said: “In line with the council’s performance management framework, the executive and overview and scrutiny committees receive quarterly performance reports based on the Council Strategy.

“The quarter four performance report for 2021-22 covers the period from January 1 to March 31, it also gives overall 2021/22 performance for the Key Performance Indicators.”

KPIs are measures of an organisation’s success. The progress on activities and KPIs in the report are represented by a traffic light system.

And the council’s latest performance report shows that in quarter four of the 2021/22 financial year, 33 out of 52 projects/activities are on-track; five are close to target and 14 are complete.

17 of the council’s KPIs are on-track, four are close to target and one is in the red, or off-target. The council’s delivery of services is rated “good overall.”

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Additional work has been required of the council during the period including paying-out Covid-19 support grants to businesses and local government reorganisation.

Cllr Fitzgerald said: “The KPIs in this report show the diligent work of teams across the council to keep day to day services running as well as undertaking these additional tasks.

“Alongside this, we are progressing our regeneration programmes in Workington and Maryport, as well as continuing work on other key schemes including the Port of Workington project in collaboration with Cumbria County Council.”

Leader of the council Mike Johnson said: “In light of all that, this report makes very pleasing reading and I’m proud of what we’ve all achieved for residents and businesses of Allerdale.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what we can achieve in the final year of Allerdale which will lay a foundation of success for the new Cumberland Council to build on.”

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