An entertainer and amateur author is seeking people to read her story.

Judith Cook, of Carlisle, recently performed at the Brampton Community Centre this month for the Jubilee.

Putting on a show of singing and games, she entertained a full house.

The crowd were up for it, all dressed in white, red and blue and certainly very geared up for what was a very entertaining afternoon.

The well-coordinated event was organised by parish councillors Allison Riddell, Margaret Blake, Jane Thompson and Stephen Quinn.

The highlight was for Judith to perform some 'classics', which ensured the guests were on their feet dancing with arms in the air waving.

A self-acclaimed born singer, her autobiography titled My Doors of Destiny tells the story of her career from working at Haven to working as a self-employed entertainer, but also how her experience of going through menopause affected everything.

The book can be read as a first-hand account and avant-garde literature at the same time, with tenses shifting from first to second person throughout to tell personal anecdotes in a tradition-defying fashion.

Her first venture into non-fiction literature, the book is available at Carlisle Library and on her website, which is reachable by clicking here.
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