ROTARIANS are turning Whitehaven harbour purple in support of a campaign to end polio.

Members from both Rotary clubs in Whitehaven are helping Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners improve the marina in an ongoing project.

The latest improvements have included painting some of the bases of the lampposts purple, in support of the Rotary Club’s campaign to ‘End Polio Now’ across the world.

Purple represents the colour of the dye placed on a child's finger to show they have been immunised against the disease.

Elly Day, secretary for the Rotary Club of Whitehaven Castle, said: “This is a huge ongoing project and we are really proud of our efforts for the community.

“We have already renovated and repainted railings and bollards and cleaned some of the signage, as well as planting purple crocuses last autumn, with more being planted later this year.

"Our three flower planters have been much admired.”

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