A TEENAGER from Carlisle who assaulted two police officers and damaged a shop window in the city was 'in a really bad place' after his older brother was jailed for murder, a court heard.

Martin Davison, 18, was found sitting on a bench in a distressed state a short time after he cracked the takeaway outlet’s window.

But when police caught up with him near the city centre, he violently resisted the officers as they tried to arrest and handcuff him, the city’s Rickergate Magistrates’ Court heard.

The defendant, of Burgh by Sands, admitted five offences: two police assaults, using threatening behaviour, assaulting the shop worker whose window was damaged, and assaulting the same worker after he followed him along Botchergate.

Davison’s defence lawyer Anthony Wilson said the offending happened on January 31 just months after the defendant's brother was given a 30-year jail term for murder.

Prosecutor Pam Ward outlined the offences.

The criminal damage offence came to light at 8.20pm when the owner of the King Shawarma takeaway on Botchergate heard a loud bang at the front of his shop, said Mrs Ward.

He noticed a young man – the defendant, who at the time was 17 – outside the shop, looking very drunk and running away. The man and one of his colleagues followed the teenager along Botchergate.

“The male stopped and squared up to me,” said the shop’s owner, who had to dodge out of the way as the teenager threw punches at him. After this, the defendant walked away along Botchergate.

In a victim statement, the man later said: “I don’t expect to be treated in this way by someone I don’t know and someone who was intoxicated.” He said the cracked shop window would have to be replaced.

The cost of this would be £2,041.

CCTV images of the defendant as he walked along Botchergate showed him pushing past numerous people and attempting to start arguments, said Mrs Ward. After the initial incident, police found Davison sitting on a bench beside the Citadel building.

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Police bodycam footage showed officers approaching him and asking for his name. Clearly upset and under the influence of some substance, Davison refused to tell the officers his name. 

As they tried to handcuff him, Davison resisted violently. One officer was thrown to the ground and a second described feeling the defendant’s fist 'scuff' past his cheek.

Mr Wilson, defending, criticised Cumbria Constabulary, telling the court that officers had suggested if the teenager made admissions in interview there would be an out-of-court disposal of the case.

"They charged him anyway and now he has lost his good character," said Mr Wilson. The lawyer continued: “He was in a really bad place. You may recall there was a young lad called Davison convicted of murder who got a 30-year sentence at that time.

"That is his [the defendant’s] older brother. To add insult to injury, his boss had died and he was very close to his boss.”

On the night in question, Davison went out drinking with a friend, who had gone home but the defendant continued drinking until he had 'obliterated' himself, said Mr Wilson.

“He doesn’t remember any of this incident,” continued the lawyer.

A young man of previous good character, Davison was very apologetic. The lawyer said a suggestion from the police that the teenager threw a female officer three metres was an exaggeration.

“That’s from me to you, mam,” Mr Wilson told the presiding magistrate. “He’s not the Incredible Hulk.”

Magistrates imposed a 12-month community order, with a requirement for him to complete 120 hours unpaid work. They also ruled that the teenager must also pay the owner of takeaway £2,041 compensation.

There was order for costs because of the defendant’s limited means. He will be able to settle the debt at a rate of £20 per week.

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