An apprenticeship provider has announced the launch of their new app.

Carlisle-based System People launched the app which has been specifically designed following research findings revealing young people aged 16-25 are more likely to apply for vacancies on their smartphone.

Typically, when it comes to apprenticeship recruitment processes, providers in Cumbria don’t use mobile-friendly application processes, which means that many young people may pass on the opportunity due to the lack of convenience and ease, according to System People.

The app has been designed to be both mobile and PC friendly, which allows applicants to create a profile, where they can keep track of their progress.

It also creates a personalised CV for each candidate, which takes the pressure off young people who wish to apply for vacancies who don't have an existing CV.

Following the candidate signing up with their new personalised CV, they can book an appointment with the relevant course tutor to find out more about specific courses and vacancies - giving flexibility to young people who might not know much about apprenticeships and require additional information.

To ensure that candidates can keep track of their progress and receive timely updates about vacancies, they will receive alerts about vacancy updates which match their noted interests - meaning they won't miss any opportunities.

Candidates will then gain alerts via the web app every time a new vacancy comes in which matches their interests.

They can then apply once their profile has been activated.

Lyndsey Fitheridge, commercial director, System People says: “We are thrilled to bring digital innovation to the forefront of the recruitment process for apprenticeships in Cumbria - this technology is something completely new for apprenticeships locally and we’re confident that it will help more young people find a suitable career post leaving school, and in hand, help local employers find suitable candidates to help grow their business and offer life-long careers.

“We’ve also really taken into consideration the lifestyle of young people when designing this app. For example, candidates will gain alerts via the web app every time a new vacancy comes in which matches their interests - so they will have opportunities at the fingertips delivered to them right from their smartphone.”

Candidates can sign up to view live vacancies and apply  by clicking here.