The shows can go on!

With theatres back open, the students of Razzamataz South Lakes were delighted to perform in Back in the Spotlight at Penrith Players Theatre last weekend and will perform at Kendal Town Hall later this month.

Back in the Spotlight is a musical theatre performance of hits from Jersey Boys, Hamilton, Billy Elliot, and other West End musicals.

Principal of Razzamataz Penrith and South Lakes said this new show has taught the children a lot of needed skills: “Stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

“Taking part in a show gives children the opportunity to face an audience, speak in front of them, show them their dance skills and maybe sing a song or two.

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“When this is done within the supportive environment of a Razzamataz show, the children will feel the love and encouragement of an audience.

“By supporting children to face their fears, they will become more resilient and confident.

“Taking part in a show requires everyone involved to accept a level of responsibility.

“During the rehearsal period, children learn to be prepared with learning their lines and dance steps.

“They don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t know their part and let the side down, so they learn to become part of the team and help each other when needed.

“Being part of a show also helps children perform better at school.

“The arts are vital for developing the brain and reading scripts and learning lines, are fundamental in improving reading and language.”

One student named Isabella said: “Being able to share the nerves and excitement of performing live on stage with my Razzamataz friends is a memory I will never forget.”

Ella, also a student, said: “Razzamataz made me feel at ease and that’s where my confidence came out.

“It was a safe space to feel silly and push myself out of my comfort zone.”
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