BINGO Revolution, the 'classic bingo game with a twist', is heading to Carlisle - along with dance legends N-Trance - to ensure a night of 'dabbing and dancing'.

N-Trance are best known for the 90s dance classic ‘Set You Free', which sold six million copies across the world, as well as covers of popular songs such as 'Staying Alive' and 'Do Ya Think I’m Sexy'. They are set to perform a a special DJ set during the big night.

Bingo Revolution combines the classic game of bingo with singalong tunes, comedian hosts, and ‘life changing prizes’ ranging from a tin of beans to a 6ft inflatable dinosaur.

The game, along with N-Trance, is heading to Buzz Bingo Carlisle on September 16.

News and Star: BINGO: Everyone seemed to have a great time at the past eventsBINGO: Everyone seemed to have a great time at the past events

Bingo Revolution owner Stephen Hunt spoke about the event: “I always say it’s about three things: dancing, laughing and dabbing.

"It’s a real singalong event with classic tunes, it’s just a really great night. With regular bingo it’s all about cash prizes. We have that, but we also have prizes like a 6ft inflatable dinosaur, a kettle and a tin of beans.

"People get more excited about the dinosaur than they do the cash to be honest."

Bingo Revolution is partnering with Buzz Bingo, the UK’s largest bingo operator, with events in their clubs across the UK.

Ben Coxhill, head of events and entertainment at Buzz Bingo, added: “Regular bingo games are filled with anticipation, so add DJs, drag queens, 90s bangers and life-changing prizes into the mix and you’re onto a winner."

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