News and Star: Kirkbride Primary School pupils on the 93Kirkbride Primary School pupils on the 93

Congratulations to Carlisle City Council and Allerdale Borough Council for their joint efforts in funding this lifeline bus service. 

The Carlisle-Bowness-on-Solway service is spared.

The bus service is a lifeline between Carlisle (City of the Lakes) to a beauty spot and a no-brainer in terms of saving.

Afterall they have stumped up the £12K subsidy to save a bus service that was due to be discontinued next week. A last minute reprieve that will see the bus run until at least April 2023. 

City of Carlisle MP John Stevenson and Workington MP Mark Jenkinson are also to be praised for their intervention on this issue by encouraging the joined-up thinking of councils who were both keen to bail out the cash-strapped beleagured 93/93A bus service.


A small victory for common sense and a modest victory for people power. This is also a magnificent tub-thumping victory for the children at Kirkbride Primary School who have been the voice of reason and sincerity with a touching and powerful campaign.

Bowness-on-Solway is a beauty spot overlooking the Solway Firth estuary and the Scottish coast. A wonderful tourist haven with RSPB Campfield Marsh inland and historic village where West Cumbria's Hadrian's Wall trail begins.

News and Star: Bowness on SolwayBowness on Solway

Imagine this cherished beauty spot abandoned as a rural outreach for public transport? An essential service for residents and vulnerable pensioners terminated? 

It could have been a spectacular public relations own goal. But blushes were spared thanks to a handful of determined young children.

Nestled in this hidden gem of a village is Kirkbride Primary School and the young active minds of Year 5 and 6 were harnessed to unleash an amazing campaign which has rattled cages and tugged on heartstrings. 



News and Star:


Residents, bus operators Stagecoach, and council officers and members and journalists have sat up and listened to these 'powerful young voices'.

Their campaign has been picked up by media across Cumbria and The Borders.

Anna Howe, a teacher of Kirkbride Primary School, said

"The kids are absolutely delighted, it’s been so important for them to know we’ve put this effort in and we’ve had such a positive outcome.

"Children’s voices are very powerful," she said.  

We couldn't agree with you more Mrs Howe.

So well done Kirkbride Primary. You've done us all proud! 

Carlisle to Bowness has got to be one of the most spectaular journeys in North Cumbria

Let's support this cherished bus service!

Use it or lose it.

So all aboard the 93