A COUPLE originally from Cambridgeshire and Derbyshire have decided to take the plunge and open their own craft store in Whitehaven.

Adrian and Lorraine Barrett moved to Whitehaven in August 2021. Adrian is originally from from Cambridgeshire and Lorraine, Derbyshire.

They spotted a space in Whitehaven high street to open their store and thought it was perfect.

The pair are opening a craft business in town. The store will sell handmade items made by the couple.

But their business seeks to help other local talents promote their work by renting spaces to them. 

All items that are sold will be handmade. The jewellery on offer will be sourced from our local area - such as beaches - and be manufactured into sea glass necklaces and pebble necklaces. There will also be crystal jewellery, gemstone bracelets and earrings.

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Other items from the couple will include lasered wooden plaques, lasered football mirrors, UV printing and much more. The local crafters will be producing candles, room sprays, coastal art, crochet items, and frames.

Adrian and Lorraine discussed the journey that has taken place before they reached this point: "We started online in October 2020 by making small items with a laser, we moved to bigger wooden plaques and started selling at car boots and fairs.

"We moved to Whitehaven and decided we wanted to go bigger. We wanted to sell different items that nobody else made."

The couple said there was still a lot to do before they are ready to open.

"We have lots to do. We are ripping out all the inside and repainting. Adrian is recycling and hand building all the wood inside to make units for the crafters."

The pair were modest in their hopes and aspirations for the business in the future, saying:

"We want to make the business successful and help other crafters."

The store, which does not yet have an offical name is set to open July 1 at 10am. It will be located in the Market Place. The store is set to have lots to offer and you may receive a welcome cupcake, Lorraine teases!

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