FEATHERS were ruffled when a Cumbrian rugby player entered the Love Island villa on Sunday.

Jacques O’Neill caused quite a stir when he was revealed to be the ITV 2 show’s latest contestant.

The former Castleford Tigers player is the ex-boyfriend of Gemma Owen-daughter of footballing legend Michael Owen- and the 19-year was shocked to see her former partner in the villa’s garden.

News and Star: LAUGHING: Jacques on his first dateLAUGHING: Jacques on his first date

The former Dowdales Secondary School pupil and the international dressage rider broke up a year and a half ago.

Entering the villa, Jacques said he was ‘looking for a Mrs’ and said he ‘had an eye’ on a couple of girls in the villa.

“I’m a cheeky chappy, does what he wants, gets what he wants, normally,” he said.

“I want to be on Love Island to find a Mrs.

“I’m looking for the real deal.

“I’ve got my eye on a couple of the girls in the villa, can’t wait to get in there, crack on with all the girls and hopefully have the summer of my life.”

Jacques went on dates with Paige Thorne and Afia Tonkmor-neither of whom knew where Cumbria was- and Gemma soon clocked on to who the mystery man was, saying: “OMG no no no no no that’s my ex-boyfriend.”

News and Star: DATE: Jacques with PaigeDATE: Jacques with Paige

Things soon became awkward as Jacques introduced himself to the rest of the house and he and Gemma came face to face.

Luca Bish, who coupled with Gemma the day before, also felt the heat and was clearly unsettled with Jacques’ arrival.

“Why me?” He said.

“Anyone’s ex but Gemma’s.”

News and Star: CHEERS: Gemma and Jacques drinking togetherCHEERS: Gemma and Jacques drinking together

Gemma put on her best poker face and said she did not want to rekindle her relationship with the rugby player, but admitted to still fancying the 23-year-old.

“It is weird I still look at him and still do fancy him 100 per cent,” she said.

“I look at him and think you are fit, no question you are fit.”

At dinner the pair went for a chat to try and clear the air, with Gemma speaking of her shock at seeing him and Jacques teasing her.

News and Star: CHAT: Gemma and Jacques talkCHAT: Gemma and Jacques talk

“I’m as calm as anything,” said Gemma.

“Yeah everyone thinks that in here,” said Jacques.

“I am,” said Gemma.

“Yeah ok,” said Jacques

“You just knew how to press a certain button,” said Gemma.

“I think I still do,” said Jacques.

"I still care for you."