A LIBRARY is to close temporarily because ‘something has died’ in its roof space.

The announcement of the closure of Carlisle Library came from Cumbria County Council

A spokesperson said: “This is a bit unusual."

“If you’re squeamish, then all you need to know is that we urgently need to fix something and we should hopefully be open again on Saturday, May 28.

“If you’re made of sterner stuff, then here’s what’s happening.

“It appears that something has died, probably a bird, in the roof space above us.

“It is quite unpleasant and needs cleaned up properly.

“Access to the roof space is difficult and needs specialists who can’t get here until Friday.

“So, we’ve decided to close temporarily to get things sorted.

“We’re sorry for the inconvenience and we will reopen as soon as we can.”

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As with other Cumbria libraries, the Carlisle Library, which is situated within The Lanes shopping centre in the city centre is used frequently by members of the public for the browsing and borrowing of books, computer and internet access, printing, photocopying and hearing aid battery collections.

For those who will be missing out on these library services on the day and need to use them, some of the libraries that closest include Longtown, Brampton, Denton Holme, Harraby and Morton, although neither of the aforementioned libraries offer hearing aid collection services.

The good news is this closure is short-term and everything will be up and running as soon as possible, according to Cumbria County Council.

For further information or queries related to this, or any other related library matter, residents are asked to view their website for any and all updates on the situation and for further resources, which is reachable by clicking here.

Alternatively, if any resident would like to ask a question to County Council staff about libraries, they are invited to use their dedicated contact form, which is reachable by clicking here.

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