N-DUBZ, the famous hip-hop trio, have announced that they are set to reunite, 11 years after parting ways.

Dappy, Tulisa and Frazer enjoyed years of success. Their hits include Ouch, Papa Can You Hear Me and Number 1 which was chart topping collaboration with Tinchy Stryder.

The London trio hopped out of a private helicopter to annouce to fans they will reunite after a hiatus which was only meant to last two years.

They posted the video across all of their social media with snippets of a new song. The song, called Charmer, will be released Thursday this week, and can be heard on Radio 1Xtra.

N-Dubz also annouced a tour, visiting places like Manchester and Newcastle.

Sadly, Whitehaven is not on their list - but we can look back to 2010 when they made an appearance at the Maritime festival.

News and Star: N-DUBZ: Two of the trio get close together on stage for a tuneN-DUBZ: Two of the trio get close together on stage for a tune

The hip-hop superstars played at Glastonbury just before their appearance in Whitehaven, but the atmosphere in Cumbria was surely superior.

2010 saw tragedy strike Cumbria including the 2010 shooting and the Keswick bus crash.

REVIEW: N-Dubz at the harbourside, Whitehaven, 2010

The recent tragedies at the time were not lost on the band, who changed the lyrics of 'Papa Can You Hear Me?' to 'Cumbria Can You Hear Me?'.

They also dedicated their song, No One Knows, to the memory of teenagers Chloe Walker and Kieran Goulding, who were involved in the crash.

News and Star: QUIET: The band quietened down to pay tribute to recent tragediesQUIET: The band quietened down to pay tribute to recent tragedies

Coverage at the time said: "The band showcased all of their hits, including Strong Again, Say It’s Over, Playing With Fire and Ouch!, which was highlighted by a pillow-fight between Fazer and Tulisa.

"But a couple of stripped down acoustic cover versions, including a brilliant combo of The Script’s The Man Who Can’t Be Moved and Falling To Pieces, showed a different side to the band and demonstrated their versatility."

So, whilst we do not get to see N-Dubz at close proximity to us during their reunion. We hope you find solace in their previous apperances.

FLASHBACK TO 2010: N-Dubz are performing at Glastonbury on Saturday – and Whitehaven the day after