THE Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution’s new North West Regional Manager is Lauren Codling, a wrestler and bodybuilder, with a strong pedigree in the charity sector who’s passionate about helping others.

"Challenge is a word that many run from, but I have always found myself drawn to taking on new and exciting challenges in all areas of my life – I’m not content unless I have something in the pipeline to work towards," says Lauren.

"In my personal life I’ve been a gymnast, a wrestler, a bodybuilder, a musician and taken on a countless number of fundraising challenges, like jumping out of a plane and walking the three peaks."

Lauren says she currently faces one of her biggest challenges to date with her new appointment with RABI.

"Although I have worked intensively within the charity sector for most of my working life, covering all areas of fundraising and volunteer management, I have never worked within the farming community.

RABI supports the farming community in so many ways, be that financial or emotional, and I aim to raise awareness and funds across the North West to ensure that we are there when people need us most."

Lauren can be contacted at 07525 323450.