CARLISLE has been identified as one of the best cities for graduates to live in.

With graduation season in full swing due to a backlog of cancelled ceremonies, 'graduate jobs 2022' searches have risen +2,300 per cent over the past 12 months as university graduates plan for the future.

To help students who are finishing university this summer, the price comparison site has analysed nine factors when deciding where to live after graduating, including: the number of graduate entry level jobs, monthly rent payments, transport, utility costs, gym prices, and the average price of dining out.

Carlisle was named the fifth best city for graduates to live in, with a total graduate satisfaction score of 57.5 per cent.

Bradford takes the top spot, with the average monthly rent price for a one-bedroom apartment just outside of the city centre costing £384.38, and an additional £121.43 for basic utilities. For those who enjoy socialising, a pint of beer will only set them back by £3, a meal £10, and currently, there are over 1,400 graduate entry-level roles available in the city.

Preston, Kingston-upon-Hull and Dundee completed the top five, with Sheffield, Birmingham and Belfast also featuring in the top 10.

For full details of the list, as well as helpful tips on moving to a new area, visit Compare the Market's website.

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