JURORS can be 'sure' that Laura Castle lost her temper and murdered baby Leiland-James Corkill, a court has been told.

Mrs Castle, who hoped to adopt the child alongside her husband, has admitted the manslaughter of the one-year-old but denies murder.

She claims she shook him at her home in Barrow on January 6 last year before he hit his head on the sofa and then the floor. 

Prosecuting, Michael Brady gave his closing speech to the jury at Preston Crown Court following the conclusion of the defence case.

He said: "This case is not about bad parenting... it's about the murder of a young boy in wholly avoidable circumstances.

"We say Laura Castle murdered Leiland-James.

"Evidence of her intent [to murder] is derived from compelling medical evidence.

"Although there is no issue as to the consequences of the significant unlawful force, there is an issue as to the mechanism by which these injuries were inflicted.

"She says she lost her mind. We say she didn't.

"Laura Castle lied to family members... and we say she has lied to you.

"She must have intended to cause really serious harm.

"She lost her temper.

"Laura Castle finally lost her temper with Leiland-James on January 6 2021 when she killed him in circumstances we say you can be sure amount to murder."  

Friday saw the end of nine days of evidence.

Scott Castle is accused of child cruelty and allowing the death of Leiland-James.

Asked by Mr Brady on Friday morning if he bears any responsibility for the baby's death, Mr Castle said: "I don't bear any responsibility, no." 

The previous day Mr Castle said he was 'devastated' and 'heartbroken' when he found out his wife had killed Leiland-James.

He said he had believed the boy had fallen from the sofa, as Mrs Castle initially claimed, only finding she had shaken him when she gave evidence in court.

Mr Brady told the jury Mr Castle allowed Mrs Castle to kill Leiland-James 'in circumstances that came as no huge surprise'.

Lawyers for each of the defendants are due to give their closing remarks to the jury on Monday.