A WILDLIFE expert has shared his tips on how to protect wildlife in your garden - as the UK is set for a heatwave.

According to the Met Office, the UK had around a third less rainfall than its average for the month in April. 

Sean McMenemy, founder of Ark Wildlife, highlights: “I urge everyone to put out clean fresh water every day, for as long as the heatwave and lack of rain lasts. Not just for the birds but also for foxes, squirrels and deer, as well as insects such as bumblebees which need to drink just like us.”

1. Ensure you top up bird baths with water every day so that birds have access to a reliable source to both bathe and hydrate.

2. Put out a shallow sided dish of water overnight for hedgehogs to drink from.

3.Create a ‘wet zone’ in a shady corner for amphibians such as frogs, toads and newts.

4. Soak a sponge and leave it on a windowsill or table out of direct sunshine, for insects such as bumblebees and butterflies.

5. Ideally, you can build a shallow pond or water feature to attract all wildlife. For a cost-effective and low maintenance option, create a pond using a buried bucket, with stone steps or a wooden ramp for in and out access.