A MOTHER has branded her son as 'evil' after he forced his way into the next door neighbour's house and struck her to the head with a rock.

Aaron Hall, 20, of Coronation Drive, Frizington, was at his mother's address in Cleator Moor on May 7 when they had an argument, Workington Magistrates' Court heard.

Pamela Fee, prosecuting, said he grabbed hold of his mother by the wrists and had then thrown the kitchen table into the air.

His mother made her way to her next door neighbour's address and the defendant had followed.

The neighbour saw Hall enter the the living room and "didn't know what was taking place".

Ms Fee told the court that the neighbour had said she could hear arguments and banging but this was common.

Hall had 'become physical' and then left the property. He was picking up rocks and throwing them at the house, aiming at the living room window, the court heard.

He then ran towards the front door, forcing it back open. The neighbour said she remembered facing the back door, bent at the waist, when she felt a blow to the back of the head.

Hall had struck the woman to the back of the head with a stone. She realised she had an injury as her head was 'dripping with blood' the court was told.

The victim went to hospital and had a CT scan and the wound was stitched.

Hall was now wanted for assault. Police drove past him at slow speed and after looking at his face, identified him as the defendant.

He continued to ride past on his bike, so police chased him by foot and shouted at him to stop. The officer informed him he was under arrest for ABH and placed him in handcuffs.

Hall then tried to push away, lunged headfirst towards the police officer and headbutted him, the court heard.

The officer said this blow caused him 'instant pain'.

Hall was taken to the ground to control him and was informed he was being arrested for assault on an emergency worker. The defendant had replied, "No I didn't. You headbutted me."

He was interviewed about the matters and gave no comment throughout all questions asked of him. Ms Fee said Hall has "quite an unenviable record" for somebody so young.

Hall pleaded guilty to breaching a criminal behaviour order, assault causing actual bodily harm, criminal damage to property under £5,000, assault by beating and assault by beating of an emergency worker.

John Cooper, defending, said: "He appreciates the likely outcome is a custodial sentence."

Mr Cooper said a criminal behaviour order imposed for a previous offence allowed Hall in the area at certain times but a breach had occurred because Hall had gone to his mother's house for tea and it had 'dragged on'.

"If it had happened earlier, he wouldn't have been in breach of the order," Mr Cooper said.

Pamela Fee read a statement from the defendant's mother, which said: "He is evil. If he can do that to a woman, what else can he do? My head is absolutely done with it all. I want Aaron nowhere near me or this address."

Hall will be sentenced for the offences at Carlisle Crown Court on June 7.

An application for bail was denied and the defendant will remain in custody until his next court appearance.

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