Readers have been reacting to a story showing new equipment that will be used by mountain rescuers.

A paramedic from the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) has achieved a significant milestone by flying a jet suit untethered in the Lake District for the first time.

This is building on the success of the first exercise that was carried out back in September 2020 with Gravity Industries, and they have since partnered with the renewable energy leader Ørsted in February 2022.

Jamie Walsh is the first critical care paramedic from GNAAS to be trained in and fly the jet suit in the Lake District with only six days of training, proving how candidates can be rapidly ready to deliver ultra-mobile critical care in harsh terrain.

Richard Browning, founder and chief test pilot at Gravity Industries, said: "This is an exciting milestone in the rapid progression of applying this unique flight technology in the arena of paramedic response.

"We are delighted that the trial has demonstrated not only the speed with which we can train capable candidates but also the ground-breaking speed of the response in the first mission in Helvellyn: 750m height gain; 1.8km distance covered in three minutes and 30 seconds in a jet suit versus 60 minutes in conventional on-foot response.”

Peter Teglman Schiøler, product owner, Orsted Lab_ Product Line at Ørsted, said: "This is a very exciting milestone in the trials.

"This wouldn’t have been able to happen without Gravity and GNAAS being experts in their field.

"With this trial we start seeing the potential of the jet suit technology.

"Seeing such a significant reduction in response time proves that the technology fits well into the GNAAS paramedic operation in the Lake District and will indeed provide a great safety improvement for the people in need.”

Readers were amazed and pleased to see this.

Shirley Wood said: "What a fantastic idea.

"Well done whoever thought of this, as getting to patients much sooner and easier too."

Ken Johnson said: "Amazing new addition to our fantastic mountain rescue services!

"A real life-saver."

David Macnaughton said: "Brilliant and an absolute game-changer."

Kathleen Lawson said to the mountain rescuers and developers of the technology: "Speed and safety, wonderful, thanks for your fantastic service."

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