AN ASPATRIA man who has failed to pay his outstanding fines has been given more time to stump up the cash – despite the debt being almost 15 years old.

Raymond Hull, of Springkell, Aspatria, has owed £1,675 since June 6, 2007, Carlisle’s Rickergate Magistrates’ Court heard. Magistrates ruled that the defendant will serve six days in jail if he fails to pay up.

But they suspended the sentence.

As an alternative to custody, they ruled that the defendant must pay his £1,675 debt at a rate of £5 per week, making the first payment on May 18. Hull was legally represented in court.

At this rate, it will take the defendant more than six years to settle the debt, with the money paid in full by late 2028. Court records do not specify what offence the fine was originally imposed for.

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