A MOBILE grub-stop in a beautifully presented van has only been on the road since January, but its operators are trailblazing when it comes to satiating people's hunger in Carlisle.

Bella's Bakes & Brunch, which specialises in premium sweet eats and savoury brunch specials, will be moving spot and parking up at Border City Autos on Crown Street, from every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during the day. 

Whilst only in their infancy, Cherry Dixon and Robyn Sutherland, with their ever-changing menu, have been going from strength to strength since hitting the road. 

"The opportunity came to take over the van in January and we just jumped on it - ever since then it's been crazy," Cherry said. 

News and Star: NEWLY: Renovated van for all their on the move needs. NEWLY: Renovated van for all their on the move needs.

The food-duo, popular for their breakfast boxes, nachos and caramel Fredo brownies, have only known each other for about eight months, having met at their last job together, but none the less, they've developed a great relationship making up for a perfect pairing. 

"I've got bad anxiety so I liked being on my own till I met Cherry. Cherry has really brought me out of my shell and we're just a really good pair - it's nice just being the two of us," Robyn said.

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Cherry's always worked in the catering industry since being at school, leading her to being head chef in her last two jobs and Robyn takes charge of the baking. Her self-taught love of it comes from her nanny, and she also runs Bella's Dream Bakes. 

 "Three years ago, I had a great job in a care home while at university and I was pregnant at the time but unfortunately my baby died, her name was Bella. 

"I got really ill from it and couldn't leave the house but obviously I still needed to make money, so that's how I started making cakes. 

News and Star: TREATS: Both savoury and sweet on offer. TREATS: Both savoury and sweet on offer.

"The name was just there and that's how it came about," Robyn said. 

Looking to the future, Robyn and Cherry have plans for expansion in mind. 

"We put loads of care into our food and cakes, we use the best ingredients and we do try our recipes to make sure everything's perfect. 

"In the future, we would love a shop with a big enough kitchen to do the cakes in and for people to come sit in as well as takeaway," she said. 

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