A PROPERTY developer whose luxury holiday rental project in Cockermouth has proved popular has invested millions in a similar scheme - on a private island.

Jerry Huppert, from Manchester, owns the listed Saints Room, off Kirkgate.

He and his business partner bought the property at auction for £158,000 in 2018. It was sold by the nearby historic All Saints’ Church, which needed to raise vital funds.

News and Star: DEVELOPER: Jerry HuppertDEVELOPER: Jerry Huppert

Mr Huppert said spent more than £1million transforming the building, which welcomed its first guests last summer. Every weekend is now booked until November and there are lots of bookings mid-week for corporate events, said Mr Huppert.

"We're happy. Everyone is having a blast and giving us fantastic reviews.

"I've also had very good feedback from local pubs and businesses who say they have noticed an influx of customers.

"Overall it's been a big success for us and the locals," he said.

When guests, many from London, started arriving initially there were some teething problems following complaints from local residents. These have been sorted, said Mr Huppert.

"The only complaints we have are from clients who can't fit their Lamborghinis or Bentleys up the lane to the property! Many of them have exotic sports cars."

Mr Huppert, 28, has a portfolio of more than 100 properties and has recently expanded his empire.

He paid £6.5m for a private island and huge property in Lancashire. He spent another £1 million converting it into five luxury holiday rentals.

News and Star: ISLAND LIFE: Jerry's £6.5m purchaseISLAND LIFE: Jerry's £6.5m purchase

"It's an absolutely gorgeous property which used to be owned by the Duke of Lancaster. It was later split into five individual properties which were sold off individually. I bought them all," he said.

He's enjoyed doing them up and says they are proving hugely popular.

"The guests don't want to leave. It's insane, there's a carbon fibre piano, custom-made snooker table, a full casino in one, with equipment from Las Vegas. There's also an arcade and cinema.

"All the things I did not have as a child, I'm compensating for now as an adult."

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