WHAT originally started as a Facebook post seeking for help in the very South of England, ended up becoming two best friends 700 mile journey to make a young girls dream come true.

Holly Seymour, from Dorset, posted on social media appealing for an ‘Elsa’ from Frozen impersonator to make her five year old daughter Violet’s birthday one to remember after her initial plans had been cancelled as she had to undergo brain and bladder surgery.

Her call to arms was met with a response from Maryport’s own children’s entertainer, Katy Winter.

"My son was born with a cleft lip and palate, and we’ve experienced the stress that comes with the hospital.

"When I read the post, it was just immediate, I need to do this and I have everything to do so, the only thing between us was the miles.  

"Thankfully, my best friend, Rebecca Rowe, took only one second to think about it and just said yes, 'I’ll do it', she’s never let me down.

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"It wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for her,” she said.

Katy, who is part of Cumbria Superheroes, said she was inundated with the local community wanting to pitch and help, pay for petrol, and donate presents and money to Violet, who suffers from Chiari malformation.

"In the end we had a £100 worth of Elsa presents alongside £150 worth of cash donations in a birthday card, it really did exceed all expectations.

"Rebecca and I have cried for four days just because of the enormity of how the community have pulled together and back us with this little thing we decided to do,” she said.

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Katy said it was an "unbelievable" feeling when she walked through the door with fifteen minutes to spare.

"Let It Go isn’t an easy song to sing when you have a lump in your throat," she said.

Holly, Violet’s mum, said: "When to say I put a post up on our local page never in a million years did I think it would travel that far, we will be forever grateful to Katy, thank you for making my baby’s dream come true."

Katy who is very familiar with charity work ever since she was a child, said this has spurred her and Rebecca on to do much more in the coming future – with a more local event in the pipeline for a charity close to Katy’s heart, the CLAPA charity.

The entertainer will also be performing at BEE Unique events as well as a Royal Variety Show raising funds for the air ambulance service and PRIDE.

"I couldn’t do any of this without the support I get from family, friends and the great support network on Facebook," Katy said.

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