An artist will be showing his work in his first proper solo exhibition later this year.

Stuart Fraser, an artist based in Great Corby in Eden, will have his paintings shown in a solo exhibition in Brampton soon.

The painter takes typically creates landscape art pieces, particularly those depicting water or the coast.

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Speaking on his background in art Stuart Fraser, who will see his art presented in July, said: "I have always been interested in art.

"For the last 35 years or so I have been deeply involved in web design, graphic design, and animation.

"I've recently retired from a graphic design job, but I have always done art on the side.

"It was really since 2009 after the crash where I lost my job as a web developer and went self-employed that I started painting again more.

"In the last few years I decided to do it a bit more seriously and I have been honing my skills."

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While Stuart's art has been exhibited before, he says this is his first proper solo exhibition.

This exhibition is not only to promote his art but also to promote the gallery space itself.

The gallery where his work will be presented is the Castle Framing Gallery in Brampton.

While he lives in the Eden Valley, the paintings are not just of local landmarks, but also from North Yorkshire, Norfolk, and Essex, among others, but a lot of it is all based around water, he said.

News and Star: Stuart's piece 'Early Light, Solway Firth'Stuart's piece 'Early Light, Solway Firth'

He added: "My deep interest in painting is all about light.

"When I was a young man I went up to Elgin.

"Many a time I would be sitting in some lonely station up in the Cairngorms and there'd be this beautiful light shining on the water.

"It's the reflections and refractions, it creates a lot of beautiful lights.

News and Star: Stuart's piece 'Breaking Light at Pooley Bridge'Stuart's piece 'Breaking Light at Pooley Bridge'

"My work is all about contrast in light, I'm always looking for those magical moments in a grey day where there'll be a sudden change of light."

Stuart's show, called 'By The Water's Edge', will run from July 2 to 16 this year, with free entry.

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