AN ANGRY Penton homeowner has appealed for information to help him locate his missing 6ft metal dinosaur. 

Resident Charlie Forster woke up on Bank Holiday Monday to find that his 6ft garden ornament 'had gone walkies'. 

The metal dinosaur designed and handcrafted by Mr Forster himself went missing over the Bank Holiday weekend and he is appealing for its return.  

The dinosaur has stood freely outside the house on Mr Forster's property for six years.

The dinosaur's restraints were reinforced after Storm Arwen blew it off from its initial boltings, and so if it was stolen the thief would have had to use tools to remove it.

Charlie said that whoever took it would have had to have climbed over his high garden wall.

Charlie makes various things out of steel but had never thought that it would go missing so suddenly.




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Charlie has chosen not to report this to the police, but he was spoken to a local scrap man who said a lot of people from the North East come over to collect scrap metal.

The dinosaur is not just beloved by Charlie, with whom it holds a great amount of sentimental value, but by the community overall, as Charlie explained children often like walking past and seeing it regularly.

The sad news of its disappearance has been shared on his Facebook page and has been shared over 140 times for anyone who knows anything to let him know.

He said that if he recovers the dinosaur, he will donate it to a charity auction, as he is currently working on creating a steel eagle, which will sit high atop his garden wall...and out of reach.

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