Copeland MP Trudy Harrison is one of 287 MPs no longer allowed to enter Russia.

The Kremlin has accused them of fuelling "unwarranted Russophobic hysteria".

However, Boris Johnson has described it as a “badge of honour”.
The list of MPs released by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs includes 213 Conservative and 74 Labour MPs.

The ministry said the sanctions on members of the House of Commons were in response to Britain imposing similar restrictions on 386 members of its own lower house of parliament on March 11.

Mrs Harrison said: "I have learned that I am one of 287 current or former MPs to be sanctioned by Russia in retaliation to the UK Government’s support for Ukraine.

"I recently spoke out at the House of Commons’ Dispatch Box when responding to the International Women’s Day debate about the barbaric action Putin is directing. We will continue to condemn his actions and support the Ukrainian people as they strive to end the assault on their people and country. 

"I continue to fully support our world-leading response, which has included tough sanctions imposed on oligarchs and Russian companies, supplying defensive weapons and equipment to Ukrainian forces, and providing £400m of aid, in addition to ambulances, fire engines and medical items, to Ukraine and neighbouring countries."

A translation of a statement reported by the state-owned Russian news agency RIA Novosti read: “In response to the decision taken on March 11 this year by the British government to include 386 deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on the sanctions list, on the basis of reciprocity, personal restrictions are being introduced against 287 members of the House of Commons of the British Parliament.

“These persons, who are now banned from entering the Russian Federation, took the most active part in the establishment of anti-Russian sanctions instruments in London, contribute to the groundless whipping up of Russophobic hysteria in the UK.

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“The hostile rhetoric and far-fetched accusations coming from the lips of British parliamentarians not only condone the hostile course of London, aimed at demonising our country and its international isolation, but are also used by opponents of a mutually respectful dialogue with Russia to undermine the foundation of bilateral cooperation.”

Asked about the sanctions during Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Johnson said: “I mean no disrespect to those who haven't been sanctioned when I when that all those 287 should regard it as a badge of honour. 

"And what we will do is keep up our robust and principled support for the Ukrainian people and their right to protect their lives, their families and to defend their selves. That's what this country is doing. And that has the overwhelming support, I think, of the whole house."

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