A training provider is running a campaign to encourage young people to consider an apprenticeship locally.

System People, based in Carlisle, has given out tips for those who may be considering an apprenticeship, and why, they think, it is a great alternative to more traditional further education.

Their first tip is to earn while you learn.

System People's commercial director, Lyndsey Fitheridge, said: "You can strive towards being financially independent from day one with an apprenticeship, and once your training is complete your wage will rise so you’ll be stepping up the career ladder even quicker."

She added that upon completion, apprentices get recognised qualifications: "Many apprenticeship courses are equivalent to A-Level and Degree level qualifications, so for example you will complete a level of your apprenticeship that starts from level 2 (equivalent to 5 GCSE passes); Level 3 (equivalent to 2 A-level passes) all the way to Level 6 (degree level) and Level 7 (master’s degree)."

Another positive, Lyndsey said, was a dedicated support team will be on hand at all times.

Lyndsey added there are no tuition fees to pay, which is a big plus, as employers pay for university training, meaning there are no loans to pay back

She added there are better opportunities to develop your skills: "Sometimes there are some individuals who may not have the sufficient grades required to obtain an apprenticeship.

"As apprenticeships don’t have any age limits, they are a great opportunity for a second chance when it comes to carving yourself a career.

"If you don’t hold the relevant GCSE’s or entry requirements, many apprenticeship providers allow you to take functional skills training, which will allow you to progress with your future work plans through an apprenticeship."

The sixth positive she gave is you can gain real work experience in the field: "The benefit of learning while you work is that you will be eased into the working environment while simultaneously having tutors to guide you along the way.

"This way you won’t be thrown into the deep end when you complete your apprenticeship, and you’ll already have valuable skills."

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