A CARLISLE man tossed a television he part-owned from the bedroom window of a city home amid a row with his step-brother.

Steven Queen, 39, of Atkinson Crescent, was brought before magistrates on Tuesday morning only hours after an incident which led him being remanded in custody.

Prosecutor Pam Ward sought to summarise the background to a verbal argument between Queen and his step-brother, Brian Saunders, on Monday.

This had occurred at the home of Mr Saunders, where Queen had been staying following his release from prison last summer.

Mr Saunders had left the address and gone outside. “The defendant went into Mr Saunders’ bedroom, picked up a television set belonging to both of them and threw it out of the bedroom window, causing damage to the television,” said Mrs Ward.

The approximate value of the damage was £800.

Mr Saunders had then gone to his sister’s home several doors away. “Police were called and the defendant (Queen) was arrested,” added Mrs Ward.

In court, Queen pleaded guilty to criminal damage on an agreed basis.

Kate Hunter, defending, said the father-of-two had become involved in argument with his step-brother in which the subject of their mother arose. She had died from cancer in 2018.

“That always brings up some emotions,” said Ms Hunter. “Mr Queen’s father passed away last year.”

She had left possessions, including the television, to her children. This was kept at her home, which Queen and Mr Saunders currently shared.

“There is remorse from Mr Queen,” said Ms Hunter of the damage. “Mr Queen describes it as quite out of character for him to damage something that belonged to his mother as well.”

Magistrates, who heard Queen was in receipt of benefits, fined him £40 for the damage. He must also pay £200 compensation, along with an £85 cost contribution and a mandatory surcharge.

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