SHE calls herself the manager but people who work with Liz Jackson argue that she is as much the heart as the manager of the Harraby Community Centre.

Liz has worked in the centres old and new for the past 20 years.

Six years ago it was rebuilt in a £13m project to provide more for people in that area.

And provide they did. Harraby Community Centre is now part of the Harraby campus which includes the Pennine Way Primary School, St Aidan’s Day nursery, a library, sports facilities and – the pride and joy of many – the theatre.

“Harraby Secondary School was on this site," she said. "It was demolished and the Richard Rose Academy was built which absorbed the Harraby school. We kept the theatre which is now the home on the Monday Theatre group.”

The Monday group shows films but the theatre is also used for visiting celebrities, local theatre, children’s theatre and more.

“We formed a pantomime group which allows children to see a pantomime for £3 a ticket - a fraction of what it would cost to see a professional production."

It is in the theatre that Liz leaves her paid employment to be just another volunteer.

News and Star: Liz JacksonLiz Jackson

Anne Hull, who herself spends hours volunteering in the centre said: “I think when Liz goes, I will have to because she really is the heart of this place.

“When there is an event in the theatre, even though her working day is finished she comes back to help wherever she is needed.”

In fact, so much is her dedication that her husband, Billy, received an honour for the work he does as a volunteer at the centre - and the children get roped in when needed.

“I love my job. I love being here. Don’t get me wrong, I like my holidays too, but I never feel like I don’t want to come to work. Every day is different and I am surrounded by great volunteers and staff.”

And the reason it is a great place to work or visit is that the facilities are wonderful and the manager is not just a manager.

She is, indeed, the heart of Harraby.