AS PARLIAMENT returns from recess, the Prime Minister will face MPs for the first time since receiving a fine for breaching lockdown rules.

PM Boris Johnson, his wife Carrie Johnson and Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak all received fixed penalty notices from the police for attending a party in Downing Street during lockdown.

The PM and the Chancellor have received criticism from political opposition as well as members of their own party after breaching the Government’s own lockdown restrictions.

One of the Conservative backbenchers calling for the resignation of his own party leader is Member of Parliament for Penrith and the Borders, Neil Hudson.

Mr Hudson said: “The fact that the Prime Minister and Chancellor have been found in breach of the Covid rules and issued with Fixed Penalty Notices is extremely disappointing.

“The fact that the law makers went on to break those very laws they brought in to keep us all safe is deeply damaging for our democracy.”

Mr Hudson said that the situation is “untenable moving forward” but did not support a change of leadership during the international crisis surrounding Russia and Ukraine.

“Destabilising the UK Government would undermine international efforts to support the Ukrainian people and bring the despicable Russian invasion to an end.

“I will therefore be looking to the Prime Minister to show the statesmanship he has been showing with Ukraine, and outline a timetable and process for an orderly transition to a leadership election as soon as the international situation permits.”

In contrast, Conservative MP for Copeland Trudy Harrison considers that matter to be closed.

She said: “The PM and the Chancellor have paid their fines and have offered full apologies. I support them in continuing getting on with the job in hand.”

Leader of Carlisle Labour Lisa Brown said that partygate will hurt the Conservatives at the ballot box in May.

“Just last week in Harraby there was a woman who said she voted Tory for the first time in 2019 and it was the biggest mistake of her life because her son died of Covid.”

Councillor Brown said that she has met residents of Carlisle whilst out canvassing who are “sickened and disappointed” that parties took place in Downing Street while they were isolating.

“I think people will stay at home. They won’t vote this time to send their own message to the higher-ups in the party.”

“People were absolutely terrified of leaving the house.”

Cllr Brown said that the police punishment does not go far enough.

“It’s almost as if they couldn’t be bothered, ‘we need to be seen to be doing something.’ It’s just a slap on the wrist.”

Cllr Brown joined calls for the Prime Minister to resign.