THERE was a huge response when we asked for your views on Carlisle's new artificial grass £50,000 'pop-up' park.

The new park, located in the Greenmarket adjacent to the Old Town Hall, will, according to the council, 'provide opportunities for individuals and families to relax, eat, drink and socialise whilst in the city centre with additional seating, artificial grass and planting'.

Our readers had lots to say on Facebook.

Many thought the money could have been better spent elsewhere. Public toilets, mending potholes, supporting the homeless and bored youths were some of the suggestions.

Others would have liked to have seen old the bandstand renovated

Jackie Matear said: "Brilliant - more plastic fake grass, money well spent."

Kathy Scott commented: "Might get shot down here but this was designed using free money that would not have been able to be used in Carlisle if not for this project!

"After the pop-up time is over the seating etc can be used elsewhere.

"None of the money used to build this has come from anyone in Cumbria's taxes etc.

John Hall added: "Could be a lot more things it could have been spent on like making the place more attractive to businesses so empty shops and market could be filled."

Allison Wilkinson commented: "Waste of money. What about doing something for youths that are hanging round the streets causing mayhem because there’s nothing for them to do?

"Or doing something for pensioners etc. It won’t last. It will end up with bottles, cans etc all over it.

"Shelters for the homeless would have been appreciated more. There’s more needed things to spend the money on."

Denise Riddick said: "Total waste of money, the bandstand was far more appealing and I'm sure £50k would have nicely restored it."

Julie Elliot commented: "My granddaughters are happy it’s there. They played for ages on it.

"Also nice to have more seating area. I think it’s overpriced at £50K but I’m happy it’s there."

Aleasha Wallace said: "Food banks, homelessness and people who really actually need help and they spend £50k on a piece of artificial grass...who is in charge?"

Wendy Campbell commented: "A public toilet would have been more convenient."

Mary Dixon said: "Waste of money could have used the money wisely but it's the council, they always waste money."

Garry Clarke said: "Money down the drain, it’s embarrassing."

Louise Wright said: "Should have rebuilt a bandstand! I loved it when the piper bands visited."

Jane Campbell added: "Nice but a total waste of money. It should’ve been spent more wisely, there’s people going without food."