RUSSELL Brand stopped past Carlisle in the middle of his UK tour this week.

After entering from the back of the Sands Centre’s main hall and lighting a solitary candle on stage, the comedian discussed why his show was called ‘33’, stating that it is a number that has always brought him luck.

Before the show took place, audience members were sent emails asking to complete a survey of some of the weirdest and naughtiest things they had got up to during the pandemic.

During the first half of the show, Brand would share some of the funnier stories from members of the audience, from someone telling his entire street that he worked for the NHS during the Thursday evening clapping for carers (he didn’t) to someone’s father who had tested positive for the virus but still turned up to his child’s house for a visit and someone who was having a bit too much fun in the middle of a Teams meeting.

Times have changed for the man who appeared in Hollywood movies and had marriages with pop stars.

Russell now lives in England with his second wife, his two children and army of pets, including support dog Bear.

Informing the audience that he is no better than anyone else, Brand ended the first half discussing his difficulties raising his wild children whilst his wife took a short break.

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After a prolonged interval where the funnyman must have given everyone in the room a hug and a photo, Russell spent the second period giving a humourous run down of 2020, from the Italians playing it cool as the outbreak took place in February to the parties that weren’t parties at Downing Street.

The comedy came to a close, however Russell stayed on stage for a live meditation with guest mentor Kirsty Gallagher, who has performed a live moon meditation on ITV show This Morning.

After the meditation, Russell answered a few questions from audience members, discussing his own spiritual journey and how he has been perceived by the media.

Some may have spent five hours at the venue, but the enjoyable experience made the evening fly by in a flash.

The comedian is still on tour, and tickets can be purchased on his website.