Those homeless or at risk of homeless will be able to receive free hygiene products and wash bag later this month. 

The Hug in a Bag event, at Morrisons in Carlisle, will run on April 20 and will allow for those vulnerable to fill up a wash bag full of supplies. 

Organiser, Ann Crook, who also heads Period Poverty North Cumbria, said: "Quite often these young people come into the service, and they've got absolutely nothing besides a couple of quid and their mobile phone. 

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"To go to supported accommodation and have a wash bag and towel, to the basic things we take for granted, it's important we give those in need hygiene dignity."

"We are aiming at the 16 to 18 year olds who are heading to homelessness and have received grants from the Cumbria Community Foundation and CFM to do so," she said. 

The event will be attended by Cumbria County Council, CFM Cash for Kids, and Housing Intervention Officers. 

"We'll start off with an empty wash bag, walk round the tables and put one of everything in their bags. 

"It's a brilliant piece of collaborative work within our community between Period Poverty North, CFM Cash for kids and a local supermarket. 

Ann highlighted that lockdown has only added further pressure to family units, which have pushed more vulnerable people into a worse situation. 

"We still have a need to support our vulnerable young people. 

"It's called Hug in a Bag, because that's excatly what we hope to give them, it's been a long journey when the finally arrive so to be given a new washbag to address the hygiene is an important step," she said. 

Joanne Rayson, Morrisons Community Champion in Carlisle, said: "We are proud to support Hug in a bag. 

"Whether a young person is sofa surfing or just setting up their own home , hygiene practices can be a challenge. Hug in a bag seems an ideal solution, promoting good mental health and boosting self confidence which is all important in this age group. Hosting the event will be the highlight of my April calendar," she said.

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