Data has revealed how much Cumbrian drivers can save money if they switch to electric vehicles.

In the aftermath of COP26 and the recent petrol crisis that has seen prices reach a record high in the UK, it seems to have influenced online interest in ‘electric vehicles’, with searches skyrocketing this year by 1,500%.

Intrigued by this, sought to discover the cost of running an electric car compared to a petrol car in Great Britain, to see where it is worth the money and where it’s not yet cost-effective.

The car experts at were curious to uncover the most cost-effective regions of Great Britain to be a green motorist.

The most popular car make in each region in 2020 was extracted from, and their most popular petrol models were collected. 

Petrol prices by region per litre were extracted from and electric prices per kWh were obtained through by UK regions.

Here are the ten best places in terms of savings in cost from petrol to EV:

  1. Inner London — East: London: 81.26%: £1,984.12
  2. Inner London — West: London: 81.26%: £1,984.12
  3. Outer London — East and North East: London: 81.06%: £1,958.52
  4. Outer London — South: London: 81.06%: £1,958.52
  5. Outer London — West and North West: London: 81.06%: £1,958.52
  6. East Yorkshire / Northern Lincolnshire: Yorkshire and the Humber / East Midlands: 80.78%: £1,950.44
  7. North Yorkshire: Yorkshire and the Humber: 80.76%: £1,947.24
  8. West Yorkshire: Yorkshire and the Humber: 80.66%: £1,934.44
  9. Cumbria: North West: 80.64%: £1,990.76
  10. South Yorkshire: Yorkshire and the Humber: 80.56%: £1,923.24

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