WHAT was once just two sisters sharing a love of nachos has grown to become a thriving street-food truck, with people queuing up before they're even open.

The exclusive Nacho Nacho van pulls up kerbside at Botcherby Community Centre on a Thursday between 5pm - 8pm.

Carlisle born and bred sisters, Gill and Laura Hutton, bought their food-truck right before the pandemic hit but managed to get the van on the road by the summer of 2021.

"We've always loved nachos and we'd always make them for family events, and after our friends kept saying you should charge for these, we thought we'd give it a try.

News and Star: ALL: The toppings, including their own pink pickled onionsALL: The toppings, including their own pink pickled onions

"We would always end up having to drive to Newcastle or Manchester for some quality Mexican food, as there wasn't really a great one about here previously," Gill said.

The highly-sought after van has gone from selling just nachos last year to a full rebranding, now offering a fully customisable menu of burritos, ricebowls, pork carnitas, hot sauces and the launch of their first-ever branded product - pink pickled onions - all suited to a sustainable packaging practice.

"Taste is paramount, that's the biggest fundamental of the business, making sure all the ingredients are fresh and everything tastes great," she said.

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The street-food hub currently employs seven 'amazing' staff, which has helped the business halve their wait time.

"Most times, we open the van and people are there waiting fifteen minutes before we even open," she said.

Whilst most siblings would struggle to run a business together, Gill said they know how to make it work.

"We really work well together, we come up with our best ideas when we're brainstorming together. Of course, we do have some disagreements, but we always get past it and come up with something even better than we had originally came up with - I'm the driver but she's the driving force," she said.

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The van will be expanding to locations across the city later in the year, and you'll be able to catch them popping at places such as the Morton Community Centre, camping spots, weddings and the Old Fire Station.

"The aim is to have us at a community centre at each area within Carlisle, so we can get to everybody a different day of the week," she said.

The duo are currently in the process of looking to expand their preparation kitchen with a new premises, which could see the wheeled street-food opening up their first shop front.