A unique archival project will be launching soon, a collaborative effort between five groups.

One such group is the Museum of Youth Culture, based in London, which holds an extensive photographic archive painting a picture of youth culture through different generations, such as mods, rockers, punks, skaters, emos, goths and more.

The new archival project is part of the Museum's desire to reach out to communities outside London, such as Cumbria, and involves the efforts of Free Radical Arts, Pride in North Cumbria, Cumbria Libraries and Tullie House.

A spokesperson from Free Radical Arts, an arts organisation in Carlisle which promotes queer art and artists county wide, said: "We are collecting photos, audio, art and ephemera that tell the story of young people from Cumbria from the past 100 years.

"Everything collected will become part of The Museum of Youth Culture's digital archive and shared with Cumbria Libraries and Tullie House Museum, and a selection will be exhibited, ensuring that the stories of people's youth are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

"We want to hear from everybody, and, in particular, those from the LGBTQ+ community."

The Free Radical Arts spokesperson explained that if someone would like to contribute to the project with their stories, photo, audio and ephemera (such as badges, clothing, art and letter), they can go to any one of the collection days that each organisation is carrying out between late February and early April.

The first collection date will be on Saturday, February 26, at the Free Radicals Gallery in Carlisle, where collections will be made between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

This coincides with Big Gay Day, an event that is being held on the same day at the same place, which Free Radical Arts say is going to be an event which will celebrate the people of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as commemorate the end of LGBTQ+ History Month (February).

The subsequent collections will be: Friday, March 4, at LGBThq,Victoria Place, Carlisle; Thursday, March 24, Barrow Library; Saturday, March 26, Tullie House Museum; Thursday, March 31, Barrow Library; Friday, April 1, LGBThq; Monday, April 4, Whitehaven Library and; Tuesday, April 7, Workington Library.

Alternatively, media can be submitted via email at carlisleoutreachchampions@gmail.com, or via their Facebook group - Youth Culture in Cumbria Submissions.

People can also set up their own collection through their workplace or friends and family, and are urged to get in touch if they would like to.