This is the full list of filming locations in South Cumbria from series 2 of The Witcher.

Series 1 of The Witcher saw Netflix crews film across Hungary, Poland, Spain and more.

But when Covid-19 spread throughout the world, The Witcher's production team set out a plot to film the entire season in the UK, spanning across 15 different locations.

The cast and crew, including Hollywood actor Henry Cavill, spent around one month in the country filming for the hit show.

Fans of the show can now embark on a road trip through Cumbria, visiting locations from the Netflix show.

News and Star: Photos via The Witcher/Netflix.Photos via The Witcher/Netflix.

Filming locations for The Witcher in Cumbria

After filming at MOD Deepcut in Surrey, The Witcher crew headed to Cumbria to film exterior location work in the Lake District.

The first filming location used by crews in Cumbria was Blea Tarn, presenting stunning views of the lake and Langdale Pikes to Netflix viewers around the world.

The cast, crew and all the filming equipment had to be winched down into one of the caves of Hodge Close Quarry.

Hodge Close Quarry was used for what Netflix describes as "a pivotal scene" in The Witcher.

Production also visited Rydal Cave - a man-made cavern and former working quarry which supplied roofing slate to the surrounding villages over 200 years ago.

"The Lakes area afforded so many variations without being too spread apart," Andrew Laws, The Witcher's production designer, said.

Henry Cavill in Cumbria

While staying Cumbria for the shooting, Cavill posted on his Instagram said: "Witcher training focuses on three major aspects....speed, explosive power, and fitness.

"Which can hurt. I haven't had the opportunity to run for miles up hill since Gibralter many years ago. But there is no better place to get back into that groove than the Lake District here at home in the UK. This place has just stormed into my top 3 favourite places in the world. Absolutely love it."