THIS is a copy of a letter I have written to Carlisle’s MP John Stevenson.

Following my letter published in The Cumberland News (January 14) regarding my view that the Prime Minister must resign, or if not, be removed by his fellow MPs, the unbelievable happened and I have been rendered even more speechless by yet further revelations of alcohol fuelled parties across government buildings and understand that on Friday evenings throughout the pandemic there were scenes in environs of 10 Downing Street akin that that of downtown Botchergate on late-night Fridays.

That these outrageous events continued even on the evening preceding and into the early morning of the day of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral as the entire nation was mourning his demise, with hundreds of thousands of people such as myself having abided by the draconian rules pertaining at the time, having suffered our own especially harrowing bereavements as a result of obeying the law, yet these government officials partied the night away, is quite frankly unconscionable.

Particularly poignant was witnessing the sight of our 95-year-old Queen sitting in solitary isolation far from her family at the funeral service on that Saturday morning in St George’s Chapel, Windsor.

Our head of state was obeying the rules during one of the worst days of her life, yet arrogant government officials in Downing Street may do as they please with impunity.

This is totally unacceptable to the point that any Prime Minister running the government department responsible who possessed even a modicum of decency or moral compass would instantly resign.

Today, 30 out of 32 of my family and friends who voted Conservative at the 2019 general election will not do so again until the current Prime Minister (I am still so incensed I cannot bring myself to type his name) is removed from office.

The other two are still reluctantly supporting him as he clings to his Premiership as they fear the establishment Conservatives who cannot abide him will undo Brexit.

Should that happen it will not just be the wreckage of his Premiership we will witness, but that of the Conservative party for a generation to come.

Patrick Tracey
St Edmunds Park, Carlisle


RECENTLY the TV news, newspapers and social media have been full of dramatically important stories for mankind, such as what flavour of pizza did Prince Andrew order at Pizza Express in Woking, or did Boris think that the raucous noise coming from his basement was made by rates.

At least this took our minds of the more trivial stories such as whether we are on the brink of World War III or if the polar ice caps are melting.

Personally, perhaps I have been watching too many Bruce Willis movies, but given the Westminster shenanigans, I am amazed that Conservative Central Headquarters has not been razed to the ground by a rabid mob.

But then, on reflection, the English never get furious until they have had afternoon tea.

Michael Travers
Beveridge Road, Carlisle