AS a popular cafe and eatery in west Cumbria has recently opened a new store we thought we'd take a look at other cafes that have been enjoyed by residents.

Deja Brew, which has stores in Cleator Moor and Egremont, has now opened a store on Sneckyeat Industrial Estate in Whitehaven.

A spokesperson from Deja Brew said of the opening: "We have our much anticipated update for Sneckyeat's grand opening! Starting next Wednesday, January 27, you can collect orders or order delivery from our Sneckyeat location."

Another popular cafe that has recently opened is The Peddler which is located in the old bus station building in Whitehaven town centre.

Since opening it has proved very popular with residents and visitors alike.

Back in 2019 a new cafe opened on the streets on Carlisle in the city centre called Espresso Hub. Cath Bell, the owner, said when they first opened: "We opened on Monday, May 20 and the first week went really well.

"Coffee and scones were very popular. We’ve been busy and I think the good weather has helped."

The shop took over from another popular coffee shop which was called Alternative the store was operated by Tony and Elaine Bell who also had a shop in Keswick.

Another cafe which has opened up onto Cumbrian streets is The Harbour Master in Whitehaven. Located on the town's lovely Marina it has proved a top hit with locals who often drop in for a bite to eat, cup of coffee or alcoholic drink.

In the heart of the Lake District is another cafe that has grabbed customers attention over the years.

Kat's Kitchen, located in Keswick, offers a vegan and vegetarian menu to those who come through it's doors. The store has also appeared on television as last year TV presenter Chris Packham visited the venue. This was part of filming that he was doing for a BBC 2 documentary.