A YOUNG Carlisle motorist has admitted driving dangerously as he took part in a "race" with another driver which resulted in a serious crash.

Two women were injured in the accident which involved a second driver, prosecutor George Shelley told District Judge John Temperley at Carlisle's Rickergate Magistrates' Court.

Nathan Addis, 22, who told the court he currently has no fixed address, entered a guilty plea to the allegation, which involved him driving dangerously in a Skoda Fabia on Hardwicke Circus, Carlisle, Brampton Old Road, Cargo, and the A689.

Mr Shelley said the offence was committed on November 29 last year. It involved Addis being involved in a 'race' with another person, said the prosecutor.

This resulted in that other motorist being involved in an accident, after which two female occupants of that second car were seriously injured, the court heard.

"There was a deliberate disregard for the safety of others and excessive speed," said Mr Shelley.

District Judge Temperley said that his sentencing powers for a case such as this one were not sufficient and he sent the case to Carlisle Crown Court for a hearing February 21.

In the meantime, said the District Judge, the defendant will be the subject of an interim driving ban. The ultimate length of that ban would be decided by the crown court judge.

District Judge Temperley asked the Probation Service to prepare a background report on the defendant.