A NOTORIOUS Carlisle nuisance paid a warm complement to a judge after he was told he can now enter a local supermarket.

Andrew Bell – who has served numerous jail terms for antisocial behaviour – made a written application to the court in an attempt to have his criminal behaviour order changed so he can visit Sainsbury’s on Scotland Road.

At Carlisle Crown Court, ‪Andrew Bell, 44, presented Judge Richard Archer with his request, urging him ease the terms of the court order – including by allowing him to enter the north Carlisle store.

After considering a letter written by Bell, Judge Archer said he would allow Bell to go the Scotland Road Sainsbury’s.

Bell was told that can also go into Carlisle city centre – provided he is not behaving in a disorderly way while drunk.

The judge told Bell: “You should understand you are still prohibited from entering The Cumberland Infirmary on Newtown Road other than for a pre-arranged medical procedure or treatment following an accident or emergency.”

In that circumstance, said the judge, Bell must leave immediately after any procedure or treatment or when asked to by staff. The defendant is also prevented from using any kind of threatening behaviour in the city centre.

The judge reminded Bell that any breach of the criminal behaviour order could lead to a further jail sentence.

As he was being led away from the dock back to custody, Bell smiled and said to the dock officer: “He’s a very honourable man.”

Bell has around 200 offences on his record, many of them involving anti-social behaviour in the city centre. In May last year, Bell - who is homeless - was jailed for 20 months after he caused trouble at Carlisle’s bus station.

While drinking from a can of cider, he spoke of "bats were coming out of him” and threatened a police officer, saying he would hunt down the officer and “rape” his wife and children.‬