A TOWN council has told dog owners not to visit an historic site – if they are not prepared to pick up the mess their pets are leaving behind.

Egremont Town Council issued the statement after increasing reports of dog fouling at Egremont Castle.

A spokesperson from the council said: "The lengthsman working in and around Egremont has noticed an increase in dog muck in Egremont Castle, not only on the grass but the paths too.

"When the Friends of Egremont Group and others are trying to make improvements to our castle these irresponsible dog owners are walking through these grounds with their dogs and allowing them to foul.

"Of course there are the responsible dog walkers who do keep their dog on a lead whilst walking in the castle but these are being outweighed by those who obviously have no respect for their surroundings which seems strange when the majority of them actually live in the town that they are spoiling.

"We all know how lovely the castle can be, but unfortunately unlike when we were children when we could enjoy running around playing games in the castle, children now have to dodge broken glass and more dog muck."

The spokesperson added: "Everyone is therefore asked to refrain from walking your dogs in the castle if you are not prepared to pick it up.

"After all, it is your dog and your responsibility, don't let others have to do your dirty work."

Egremont Castle is a popular attraction for residents and visitors alike – particularly families with small children – and the council, along with other authorities in the area, is trying to maintain it to the highest standard.