Cumbria Police have announced how they were able to keep the streets safe in Carlisle on Tuesday night.

Numerous on foot officers were patrolling the streets in the city as people attended the Carlisle United vs Hartlepool game.

A spokesperson from Cumbria Police said: " Our team in Carlisle have a wide range of Policing knowledge and skills that assist us when responding to the concerns of our communities. For instance most of our team have additional Public Order training to assist with the policing of events such as football matches, concerts or protests.

"Last night officers, from both our Local Focus and Pro-Active, teams combined policing the Carlisle v Hartlepool game with high visibility foot patrol in and around Carlisle City Centre in response to recent concerns in the area over anti-social behaviour."

If you see or hear anything suspicious you can contact the police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.