A FUNDRAISER has been launched to get an artist to Venice.

Daniel Ibbotson, an artist from Morecambe but living in Carlisle, works on a building site as his main job, but fulfils his passion for art in his paintings.

He and his work has been selected to exhibit in the 59th Biennial Art exhibition “Personal Structures”, from April 23 to November 27 in Venice, Italy.

He said: "My work was spotted at the Manchester Art Fair in 2019 and one year later I received an email from the European Cultural Centre in Venice inviting me to exhibit.

News and Star: Daniel Ibbotson working on his artDaniel Ibbotson working on his art

"It is a massive opportunity for a Carlisle lad like me to be displaying my work where world renowned artists such Yoko Ono, Anthony Gormley and Damien Hirst have exhibited previously.

"I am determined to get there and am currently working my socks off to raise the funds, but as you can imagine, this will cost thousands.

"I only have 12 weeks to raise the funds as I'm expected to leave in late March 2022."

Daniel explained that all the costs required reach £20,000, and include things like travel, accommodation, creating the art, and paying bills at home while he's away.

On his paintings, he said: "It is abstract, sculptural art.

"I take inspiration from everyday things, and I have access to a lot of construction waste so I use that when I can too."

News and Star: Daniel Ibbotson working on his art

He added that he leaves the painting open ended and open to interpretation.

On his selection for the exhibition, he said: "I thought it was a wind up at first, but they said, 'we are not messing about'.

"This is a support event to the main show.

"I have sold quite a lot of work which has helped a bit for the fees.

"I am going, hopefully, on March 23, so in terms of the deadline for the fundraiser, I would need it by then."

Daniel is not asking for money for nothing in return, however, as on his fundraising page it is explained that for certain tiers, donators get something back, such as an A5 painting for a £50 donation, and an A4 print for £100, and so on.

For more information and to donate, go here.