Readers have been responding to the plans to axe the BBC TV License fee.

BBC bosses have pledged to “continue to make a strong case to the Government for investing” in the corporation after the licence fee came under fire.

In a message sent to staff, director-general Tim Davie and chairman Richard Sharp said they “welcomed” debate and “look forward to engaging in a discussion about public service broadcasting in the UK and how best to fund it”.

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said at the weekend the next announcement about the BBC licence fee “will be the last”, saying she wants to find a new funding model for the broadcaster after the current licence fee funding deal expires in 2027.

She will give a statement on the BBC to MPs on Monday afternoon.

In their internal message, Mr Davie and Mr Sharp reminded staff the licence fee is “fixed” until the end of 2027 but said what happens after that “is a matter for public discussion and debate”.

Readers had a lot to say on the issue.

Phil Sharp said: "I like the BBC but the license fee is too much like a tax and people shouldn’t be criminalised for not paying to watch TV."

A very angry David Kirk said: "Forcing people to pay for something they don't want is criminal.

"I have Netflix, Apple TV and Amazon Prime because I chose too.

"Refusing to play the British National Anthem was the final insult!"

A more supportive Marcus J. Swift said: "The BBC not only makes lots of high quality drama and comedy, but it also provides excellent national radio - far better than the commercial radio stations - and, since this very government allowed all the local commercial radio stations to be bought up and largely trounced, the BBC offers almost the only genuinely local broadcast radio in most areas."