A MOTORIST seen driving on the M6 near Carlisle while on a mobile phone and using his knees to steer his van has been fined £300.

Brian Daniel McMullen, 51, committed the offence on August 6, 2020, when witnesses saw him swerving between lanes as he used his knees instead of his hands to steer his Ford Transit van, Carlisle's Rickergate court heard.

He was driving northwards on the M6 near Southwaite and using his mobile, said prosecutors. McMullen was then seen to "quickly readjust" his lane position after the swerve.

The defendant denied any wrongdoing but he was found guilty of not having proper control of his vehicle.

As well as fining the defendant, who lives at Wood Lane, Knutsford, magistrates imposed £620 prosecution costs and they also imposed three points on his driving licence.

McMullen must also pay a £34 victim surcharge.